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Leather conditioner

Posted on: June 10th, 2009 by dana 2 Comments
Leather conditioner
Leather conditioner

Leather Balm is one of the more unique cleaner, conditioner, polish and restorer of smooth leather and exotic leathers on the market today. This leather lotion-type-product is colorless making it perfect for any leather article. This product will help soften your new leather items, helping the break-in time. For shoes and boots, a great rule of thumb would be to apply this product monthly on footwear you wear often, while waiting every other month on footwear you use for special occasions.

Leather Balm can also be used on all of your leather coats, purses, sofas, and chairs, along with the leather seats in your car or truck. If you do not have a bottle in your shine box, you should get a bottle soon.

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